Patch for LLVM

Hi, I would like to submit a small patch to LLVM. I would like to explain the idea first. So, I should subscribe to llvm-dev mailing list and send my idea and patch there first? What are the ideal steps?

TN Khanh

It depends on the scope of the patch, most patch don’t start with a llvm-dev@ thread, but if you’re unsure this is always welcome.
llvm-dev@ registration is a bit problematic right now because of spam, see instructions on this page: llvm-dev Info Page

I would like to patch the file cmake/modules/AddOCaml.cmake to help OCaml bindings produce additional helper *.cmt files. Where should I start submission?

The easiest is likely to send the patch to our Phabricator instance: Code Reviews with Phabricator — LLVM 16.0.0git documentation ; you can log in there using a GitHub account.

Thanks, I will try that