Problems in installing LNT


I followed the instructions on, and got stuck on installation Step 4.

~/mysandbox/bin/python ~/lnt/ develop

running develop
error: None

and returned error code 1. The lnt binary wasn’t installed anywhere.

Any clue?

Thanks much,

Hi Jingyue,

I've never seen this error before. It looks like something to do with

What do you get by running `~/mysandbox/bin/python --version`?


I got
Python 2.7.3

Sounds right?

Hi Jingyue,

Probably due to broken symlinks in the virtualenv. Did you move the
virtualenv to a different directory after creating it?


Yup, that's odd, I have never seen that error either...

Is there anything else you can share with us from your earlier steps?


Thanks for your help!

After I installed the sandbox to /tmp/mysandbox instead of ~/mysandbox, everything starts to work. It still looks weird though. My home folder is not symlinked by the way.


Odd enough, I never used ~/mysandbox and only relative paths. Maybe
the docs need changing.


The commands in the docs actually work fine on my other machine. It looks like a machine-specific issue, although I don’t know why my primary machine doesn’t like these commands :slight_smile:

I’ll let you know if I find more clues. Thanks Renato!