[RFC] Add a code owner for incremental compilation/incremental C++

I’d like to propose adding @vvassilev as a code owner for incremental compilation in Clang (clang-repl and related functionality). I have verified that he is willing to take on this role should the community agree.

The functionality for incremental compilation touches many different places in the compiler frontend (tooling, parsing, lexing, etc). Having a dedicated code owner for this functionality means that reviewers can add a knowledgeable person when we think we’ve spotted something that may impact REPL behavior and also helps new contributors who are interested in working on that part of the project to know who an appropriate reviewer is.


+1, sounds like a great idea!

I agree, as someone who doesn’t know much about the REPL implementation, it would be really nice to have an expert/code owner to review/help out there.


@vvassilev updated the code owners file in d6494524490e0d4ffb99dcf21d633c11108b6bf6. Thank you to everyone for your support!