[RFC] Proposing a code owner for the experimental constexpr interpreter

I propose making Timm Bäder (@tbaeder) the code owner for the experimental constexpr interpreter. Timm has been steadily working on this part of the compiler for about a year now and has made excellent progress on the new facilities. Given the size and scope of the functionality, and now that others are starting to work on that part of the compiler (Timm has a GSoC student working on this, for example), I think we should have an explicit code owner.

Any objections?


I’m in favor, Timm has been doing some fantastic work, and by far has the best understanding on the project how the interpreter works.


Thanks for the proposal, Aaron!

Tiny misunderstanding, Takuya is working on improving diagnostics in various ways, and that sometimes leads him into both constant expression interpreters. :slight_smile:


Sounds good to me!

Sounds great!

Sounds good to me!

Thank you everyone for your support! @tbaeder – you can go ahead and add yourself to the code owner file now (I’d put your entry under the Contained Components heading somewhere).

Done: [clang] Add myself as code owner for the new constant interpreter · llvm/llvm-project@268032f · GitHub

Thanks everyone!