Submitting a patch


What is the official procedure for submitting a patch?A couple weeks ago I put a patch on Phabricator and had it sent
the usual email to to lldb-commits, however since I haven’t
heard anything back, I gather I did something wrong. The
patch in question is:
Please let me know what to do and I’ll resubmit it the
proper way.


Sorry for the delay. Looks good! Please commit when possible.

I don’t have commit access.

I have to head out tonight, but I will see if I can get this is soon for you.


Hi Keno,

I’ll see if I can download and get it to build here on my MBP tonight. If I can get it to build, I’ll check it in.



I was able to build it with the following:

mkdir build
cd build
…/llvm/configure --enable-cxx11 --prefix=pwd/…/install
make -j8

It built fine. I did try to run the tests with this:

make -C tools/lldb/test

but I hit some issues that I suspect are purely my environment not setup totally right on my MacBook Pro.

Since I got it to built, I checked it in here:

tfiala-macbookpro:lldb tfiala$ svn commit
Sending lib/Makefile

Sending scripts/
Sending source/CMakeLists.txt
Sending source/Host/common/Host.cpp
Sending source/Makefile
Sending source/Plugins/Makefile
Adding source/Plugins/SystemRuntime/MacOSX/Makefile
Sending tools/Makefile
Adding tools/debugserver/Makefile
Adding tools/debugserver/scripts/Makefile
Sending tools/debugserver/scripts/
Adding tools/debugserver/source/MacOSX/Makefile
Adding tools/debugserver/source/MacOSX/i386/Makefile
Adding tools/debugserver/source/MacOSX/x86_64/Makefile
Adding tools/debugserver/source/Makefile
Transmitting file data …
Committed revision 199543.

Thanks for the patch, Keno!

Todd Fiala