How to submit a series of patches in a single review

Hi all,

I’m new for community contribution and I wonder is there a way to submit patch series in a single review?
For example I have 2 patches: A and B. B depends on A. How can I submit them together?

  1. The Web interface ( seems doesn’t allow uploading multiple patches.
  2. I also tried the command line tool arc ( by invoking arc diff HEAD~ on each commit.
    But these produce 2 seperate reviews and lose dependency.

Any advice?

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It's not automated, but what I do is upload them all then go to "Edit
related revisions" on the review page and link them together that way.
Then you should see a "Stack" in the "Revision contents" section.

Hi Shaka,

I just taught someone else how to do this morning!

What I do first is option 2 to get 2 separate reviews, then navigate to
the web interface for 'B' and click "Edit Related Revisions" -> "Edit
Parent Revisions" -> <click A>.

This creates a patch "stack" which is what you're after.

I agree it's not very well documented: it took me a while to work out
what to do. Do people think we should add some documentation to this


Sounds good! I will have a try. Thanks

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See Arcanist User Guide — Mozilla Conduit 0 documentation. There's a link to a blog post that explained this use-case very well. Sadly, that page is gone :frowning:

On 10/12/2021 11:39, Fraser Cormack via llvm-dev wrote:>> Do people think we should add some documentation to this> effect?
Yes, please :slight_smile: It's also worth asking on Discord and Discourse.


Posted Quite minimal so other ideas
are welcome.

Shaka, I don't know if you are already registered on Phabricator but
it would be great to have you review this too when you are. After all,
it's only useful if it would have answered your question.

The new content is live at

If you come back to this and anything is still unclear feel free to
let me know and I'll update it. And thanks for bringing it up, this
will be useful for a lot of people.

Thanks David. Sorry for the late response:(
The document is very clear to me. I’m totally agree with you this may help a lot of people especially new contributors.

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I like using the moz-phab tool, which handles this use case pretty well, I think.