Plans to archive/maintain Phabricator instance?

Hi, I participated in GSoC this summer and we have to do a final report where we link to our work - in this case, it would be to Phabricator differentials. Since these reports are archived, ideally instances of our work should be in long-term storage. Seeing as how LLVM is transitioning to Github soon, are there any plans/discussions on keeping the Phabricator instance around, even in read-only? Thanks!

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Phab will likely be mirrored to static content. We don’t want to lose these archives.


In LLVM Weekly I link to commit hashes on, e.g. so it would be really helpful if these were either maintained, or produced a redirect to the same commit hash on GitHub (I think GitHub is fairly flexible in linking to commits as long as the hash is unambiguous, so this would hopefully not be too difficult).


Agreed, when digging into various bugs I have found the discussions in phab to be invaluable in understanding why some changes were made or potentially how to fix a bug. Even just seeing that the bug was foreshadowed by comments in the review can useful knowledge.


/Dxxxx pages have a lot of useful discussions.
rGxxxx pages have some but probably not too many.

For /Dxxxx pages, we need something similar to mercurial / phab-archive · GitLab . Example static page: ⚙ D12283 rust: jettison Python 2 support

Hopefully someone can figure out how mercurial-scm back ups files and I am happy to run the command on the server to export the pages.