Practical Compiler Optimizations for WSC Workshop @ US LLVM Dev Meeting 2023

Thank you all for attending today’s workshop on WSC compiler optimizations! Here are the slides for Google’s portion of the WSC overview: Slides (with presenter notes).


Here are slides for “Profiling Challenges for PGO Pipeline” talk from Meta.

Thanks for organizing!


Thanks for the slides @maksfb.

What do the (*) next to RISC-V and Linux Kernel indicate on the slide titled “Evolution of BOLT”?

Thank you @dhoekwater and @maksfb for publishing the slides and all the participants for sharing their experience!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend. Any chance to see videos of the talks? Had they been recorded?


Advanced Software Technology Lab

Sorry, missed your question. Both projects are work-in-progress.

I don’t remember seeing the cameras, but it’s possible I’ve just missed it.

Here are the slides for Integrated Distributed ThinLTO talk from Sony. I’m sorry for the delay, it took me some time to get an approval to post the slides
LLVM_dev_meeting_2023_slides_integrated_DTLTO.pdf (396.5 KB)

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