Board Meeting Minutes - June 2022

The official June 2022 Board Meeting minutes may be found here:

The contents of the PDF are copied here to make reading easier.

Board Meeting Minutes

Date: June 3, 2022
Time: 9AM pacific time
Location: Video conferencing, multiple locations

Attendees: Tom, Anton, Chris, Cyndy, Hal, Kit, Kristof, Mike, Tanya


  • Approve May Minutes:

    • Approved: Tom, Anton, Chris, Cyndy, Hal, Kristof, Mike, Tanya
  • LLVM Policy Changes

    • Vote that we adopt this language into the Code of Conduct:
      In rare cases, violations of this code outside of these spaces may affect a person’s ability to participate within these spaces. Important examples include sexual and gender-based violence, convicted sexual offenses, hate crimes, and hate speech. We do not conduct proactive research, but we have an obligation to respond to any reported concerns. We are not interested in evaluating severity, responding punitively, or holding people accountable. Both the relevance and our response is instead focused on how a person’s continued participation impacts the community’s safety, wellbeing, and inclusivity. We specifically prioritize remaining a welcoming community to victims as well as groups subjected to systemic marginalization or underrepresentation.

      • Approved: Tom, Anton, Chris, Cyndy, Hal, Kristof, Mike, Tanya, Kit
    • Vote that we adopt this language into our Terms of Service:
      A User must be at least 13 years of age.

      • Approved: Tom, Anton, Chris, Cyndy, Hal, Kristof, Mike, Tanya, Kit
    • Tanya will draft a post notifying the community of the changes to the Code of Conduct.

  • CoC Updates

    • Transparency Reports due July 15.
  • Discourse Retrospective Response:

    • Board Members should leave comments by next Friday.
  • LLVM Foundation Hiring:

    • The foundation is looking at vendors to help with hiring.
    • We will continue to talk with vendors to determine what services we need andhow much they will cost.
  • Setting up a public “LLVM calendar” by letting organizers invite

    • Mike can help with this.
  • GSoC update

    • We asked for 16 slots and were given 15.
    • Evaluations due second half of July.
  • Discussed potentially migrating Bazel machines to LLVM Foundation GCP account

    • Need more information about support for this
  • Next Board Meeting:

    • Re-schedule to July 8.
  • Discussed how we do communication and handle feedback from sponsors.